Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!

Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!

The Dezinformatsiya Affair - Chapter 9

No Russian inventory of recent Russian lies this week! There will be lots more when we get back to it. Death, taxes, Putin's lies, etc.

This week, we have been blessed with the beginning of the end of the Merchant of Lies, the Ugly American, the Security-Risk-In-Chief himself : Donald J. Trump.

This guy is the poster child for the worse president in American history.
— John Flannery, former federal prosecutor
He was sharing confidential intel on Twitter just two weeks ago. There is literally nothing this man won’t do in the service of his self-interest including our service folks our congress people, anyone who cares about American democracy, at risk.
— Britney Cooper, Rutgers University professor

And, of course, he didn't count on that whistleblower breaking free of departmental constraints.

So! Trump, the nescient “Leader Of The Free World”, is once more embroiled in the consequences of his actions, as dictated by his feeble brain and big mouth. This time, it involves a whistleblower complaint that he might have ordered an official not to communicate to congress. Indeed, it seems that he made some promises to another world leader that raised the hackles of an intelligence official.

The New York Times tells us that “In the weeks before the complaint was filed, Mr. Trump spoke with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan and the prime minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte”.

Was he telling Pakistan's Imran Khan about his tastes in Bollywood movies? Was he telling the Netherlands' Mark Rutte that windmills were unreliable? Was he telling Putin that he could stop Ukraine's military dead in its tracks for him?

We guess we'll never know...

 What we do know is that, even by his own admission, he tried to have Ukraine's security service investigate Joe Biden's son. Joe Biden who just happens to be what he perceived as his most serious rival in the 2020 race to the presidency.

That's a no-no. Some even claim that it's tantamount to treason.

The New York Times also tells us that :

“President Trump’s desire for Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his family is said to be part of the secret whistle-blower complaint. Mr. Trump repeatedly pushed Ukraine’s leader to talk with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who had been urging the government in Kiev to investigate the Biden family, according to people familiar with their conversation.”

What is particularly damning is that, about a week before the call, Trump stopped payment of aid to Ukraine. That aid that was supposed to go to the Ukrainian military that is resisting Russian invasion in the country.

As an excellent political cartoon put it “That's a nice country you got there... It'd be a shame if someting were to happen to it.” That's about the gist of it.

Also, Trump is Putin’s friend.

Even if not carved in stone, his intent was very clear.

Three-dimensional chess

But what if all this is a trap?

What if it's a trick and he knows he said nothing wrong to Ukraine's President, and the whistleblower happens to be one of his dead souls? What if Biden's son did do something wrong? All this would show up Democrats as dirty, scheming fools and himself as a pure little flower, a snow white edelweiss growing way up in the rarefied atmosphere of the alps.

It's easy to forget that Trump isn't as Machiavellian as Moscow Mitch. He’s just amorally and bluntly treacherous, adept at grabbing power and using it like a hammer. He’s a reality show host who lost his show. A one-trick pony. Trump is just not equipped to play at this level of sophistication.

We'd tend to listen to our friend Paul Krugman, who wrote an article where he said:

“But this time feels different, maybe because it’s so simple and clear cut.”

A new news source we are testing out came through with a timeline (See in the References section) of everything you need to accuse Trump of treason:

On top of that, let's just add that in 2017 the spy was exfiltrated “... in part, by concerns that President Donald Trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence”.

One has to wonder if that mishandling was intentional... because the US should not use spies, right?


Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News and said that the State Department ordered him to go to Ukraine and promised $141 millions on top of the $250 millions already promised, thereby implicating Mike Pompeo, the United States secretary of state. It got to a point where he went back on TV and repeatedly told another guest to “Shut up!” and called him a moron and an idiot.

Trump, who first said that keeping back the money was about fighting corruption, and then changed his story. He later said that the money was held back to persuade other EU countries to also give Ukraine some money, because they gave none at all. But this was just another of Trump's lies.

Actually, they collectively gave more than three times in non-military aid what the US gave to Ukraine.

We might add, by the way, that that whistleblower is said to be a CIA agent and an analyst who was detailed to the white house.

That dude really did his job!

But wait! There's even more!

Trump likes to keep his departmental assignments unfulfilled, or his department heads “acting”. That's what we like to call his Korrupt Klown Kabinet. The intent is clear : this affords him more control over the government. More control over his dirty deeds, spins, lies and obfuscations. And this also goes for his administrative offices. A lot of them are operating at skeleton crew level. This is an environment where accidents will happen, and on Wednesday September 25th, one did.

And it was a doozy.

Someone, probably Trump and his usual bunch of liecrafters, cooked up a list of points and counter points to be sent to all his Republican flunkies in order to discredit Democrats and the whole Ukraine-whistleblower affair.

So someone else, somewhere in his understaffed offices, was tasked with using the mailing lists to send that very important message to all his Republican supporters. And that same someone did send it...

… to the Democrats.

The trump White House just accidentally sent our office their talking points for deflecting trump’s treachery. They’re complete Orwellian lies and toxic trash, but maybe you’d like to read them to appreciate their corruption! Hazmat ☢️ suit possibly required.
— Bill Pascrell, Jr., September 25, 2019

This was followed by another message saying that the expediter would like to recall the message.

Too laaaate…

The BIG BALL of history

Can Trump hear the big ball? It's analogous to the big ball at the beginning of the first Indiana Jones film, and it's rolling right down that tunnel to crush him. While this writer was studying history at the university, that's how he imagined history, with the daily news a sometimes mostly flawed blow-by-blow of each rumble, each rotation of the big ball of history.

The security-risk-in-chief started it rolling towards him a long time ago. Setting the leader of Ukraine, a foreign nation, on the Bidens, two American citizens, in order to destroy his strongest rival to next year's presidential election finally did it.

That set the big ball of history a'rumbling down straight at him. 


Until now, Trump had seemed bullet proof. He was another “Teflon Don”, and he acquired the false impression that he could do anything with impunity.

But now, that time is over.

Now, if he shot and killed someone on fifth avenue, he'd find himself in that same place where he's probably headed right now.


Again, we'd tend to listen to Paul Krugman, who wrote an article where he said “But this time feels different, maybe because it’s so simple and clear cut.”

On the 25th of September 2019, Presidential historian John Meacham said on Morning Joe that the preceding day was “A Day Where The System Began To Work”. He added that “The line has been drawn now.”

The tide is finally turning against Trump!

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."

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