Going, Going, Gone. Are We Nearer To Trump's Last Stand?

Going, Going, Gone. Are We Nearer To Trump's Last Stand?

The Dezinformatsiya Affair - Chapter 8 Addendum

As we began this dezinformatsiya series of articles, it became evident that Trump had allegedly become a security risk for the whole of Western Intelligence services, and we found ourselves reluctantly becoming Trump watchers.

But watching Trump is not easy, if you constantly do it day after day, week after week. Watching Trump is like watching maggots feed on a loved one's corpse. It’s depressing. So much so that we are reminded of this passage from Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil:

He who fights with monsters should look to it
that he himself does not become a monster.
And if you gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss also gazes into you.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

What we all know

We all know by now, or can at least intuit, the main reason why Trump is so hard to get rid of : the Republicans are watching.

Therefore, because of Trump, democracy as we know it hangs in the balance. It’s bad enough that he opened the door to future Trumpycats…

Whatever easy solution there might be to Trump's presidency, the Republicans will replicate those against the next Democratic President in power. They can't declare him mentally unfit, the Republicans will declare the next Democratic President mentally unfit and try to prove it with their own “experts”. They can't declare that “He's a crook!” without the Republicans eventually trying to level the same accusation against the next Democratic President. Nepotism, security violations, status quo, aiding and abetting the enemy, environment, corruption, emoluments, rudderlessness, amorality, ineptness, etc. ; all these accusations and potential areas of prosecution are hampered in this way.

The only sure way to get rid of him is to get him through the courts, and get him solidly. Such are the courts that this will take a while. All his life, he's relied on battalions of lawyers to defend him, and that allegedly allowed him to use lawsuits and counter-prosecutions as battering rams in order to do just about anything he wanted. He's also allegedly often waited out his accusers, which he seems to be doing right now.

If you think bringing Trump to justice is only good for lawyers, think again.

Think of the alternative.

Dead gods and Nemtsov's ghost

A lot of Republicans and conservatives worship at an altar where the desiccated corpses of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand lie in state, while Trump's cronies are right now raising millions to find dirt on journalists who dare oppose him, or even question his judgment.

This reminds us of Russia's so-called “systema” which allows oligarchs like Putin and Medvedev to become richer than rich while the rest of the country, still remembering the soviet communist system's depredations, are just content to eat every day.

Alexei Navalny is an anti-corruption crusader whose friend and fellow crusader Boris Nemtsov was suspiciously gunned down on a bridge in sight of the Kremlin's walls. You might want to let him explain to you the corruption that Putin wants to export to the USA in this very well made video. It’s in Russian and is subtitled in English. As an added bonus, this other accompanying video is narrated by Alexei Navalny's very intelligent and beautiful daughter, in perfect English.

Is this the end of democracy? 

It's become evident to us that Putin's (and Trump's, allegedly) goal is to make the USA a mirror image of Russia, an extremely corrupt oligarchy that looks to us more like a kakistocracy, and that nobody in the White House really cares about state secrets or intelligence workers who toil in secret at the greatest risk of all.

Will democracy emerge from all this diminished, or stronger?

Only the future will tell...


Beyond Good and Evil - Friedrich Nietzsche







https://dimon.navalny.com/ (in Russian)

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