All the adults have left the room!

All the adults have left the room!

The Dezinformatsiya Affair - Chapter 8

There's nobody left in Trump's Korrupt Klown Kabinet but hungry babies! From now on, he can lie to his heart's content, and nobody will be there to contradict him.

Watch the lies go off the rails from now on.

For a change from Trump's lies, here's a shovelful of Russian lies. Just for variety's sake, mind you :

Russia, the pure:

  • The EU is planning to take over Russia and ruin Belarus, just as it did to Ukraine

  •  [The EU's] sanctions regime is just a front to prevent the development of the Eurasian Economic Union

  • The EU’s Eastern Partnership programme is designed to erode Belarusian identity

  • Georgia, meanwhile, has been co-opted by Western interests and is managed by the EU and US

  • NATO bombing killed over 2000 civilians in Yugoslavia

  • The West organised a “Nazi coup” in Kyiv [Kiev]

  • The UN [...] is allegedly imposing sex education in schools that leads to earlier sexual activity, teen pregnancy, abortion, impotence, and [...] “homosexual inclination”

And, of course:

  • The US is interfering in Hong Kong by supporting the ongoing protests

  • [The US] is planning to acquire Greenland through a forced deal, since Denmark is its vassal state

  • US military in Romania is holding Moldova hostage and using Poland to finance its strategic interests in the region

  • Washington has apparently also gotten bored of the Baltic States, and is now aiming to sell them to Russia

  • US Special Forces and state agencies interfere in Russia’s elections and attempt to influence its internal policies

  • US and its European allies ousted and killed Muammar Gaddafi

From StopFakeNews' "Truth Autopsy" :

  • The [WWII] Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was a deal between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany to unite Europe and bring everlasting peace

  • Poland is influencing the European Union to act against Russia.

  • Poland Wants To Increase Its EU Influence Because of Old Scores With Germany

  • Are Ukrainians in Poland slaves?

  • Poland Leaving the EU

There has been a dezinformatsiya offensive against Poland which began in June when it signed a joint declaration on defense cooperation with Washington.

These excerpts were copied or adapted from The Disinformation Review and also StopFake
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We once had a neighbor, a next door neighbor in a very old wooden building that was just begging to go up in flames, who started ripping electric wires out of the walls and break apart the plumbing, resulting in live exposed wires doused in spritzing water, sizzling away. He was a schizophrenic, and at some time in the preceding weeks decided that he didn't need to take his medication anymore.

In the psychiatric trade, we believe that they call this “decompensating”.

We called him an extreme fire hazard.

But what, praytell, has this anything to do with the security-risk-in-chief, Donald Trump”, you may ask.

The security-risk-in-chief went to Biarritz to meet with the G7 leaders this week, and he was a peach. Really. A peach.

No threats, barely any crazy, barely any lies, almost nothing memorable. Remember in 2016 when he said:

“I will be so presidential, you will be so bored. You'll say, 'Can't he have a little more energy?'"

Well, there was almost no energy from him in Biarritz. He did lie, self promote, insert in his speeches a few pretexts to support future lies and all that, but he didn't confront or attack anyone like he did the last time. We believe Macron and the other members of the G7, fine diplomats all, really had his number and were very careful not to give him any opportunities to attack. On top of that, Trump looks at the news and he surely knows that he'd inhabited the Toontown that's in his head a bit too much last week.

But still, what's he got to do with our crazy, wall ripping neighbor?

Well, our crazy, wall ripping neighbor's doorbell rang and there was the police, which we had called on him, fearing we'd all go up in flames. He “acted” very normally, was perfectly aware of his rights, answered all their questions like a “normal” person would, which he wasn't, and all this with electrical wires sizzling in the spritzing water in the background behind him.

And the police left. They had asked all the questions, which he answered, laid all the traps, which he evaded, and had nothing on him to show for it because he knew the drill.

And Trump knows the drill, too. So that's what Trump did at the G7 meeting.

He played it almost – but not quite – sane. He played it as sane as he could, while he's setting the world on fire...

Emoluments clause?
We don't need no stinkin' emoluments clause

Presidents are prohibited by a clause in the constitution from making money from their tenure. So of course Trump made millions from, among many other violations, stuffing foreign dignitaries into his properties. Whether renting a whole floor to the Saudis or putting up in his hotels foreign diplomats who want to curry favor from “his” USA, his excuses is always the same. He repeats his hotels are the best and that becoming president has cost him billions.

But that's all right, because he's doing it for “his” country.

So Trump heavily pitched his Doral golf course in Florida for the next summit. The place is totally failing, in part because his name on the marquee is repulsive to potential clients.

"It's not about me," Trump added. "It's about getting the right location."

The right location?

He also repeats that he had searched high and low for other accommodations but that his were always the best.

Here's a trivial facts for you : from 2013 to 2018, the Doral was served 524 health code violations, had to settle a 2017 lawsuit for a bedbug infestation, and was sanctioned by health code inspectors when 25 live roaches were counted running around in the food preparation area. It was so bad that they recommended that the Doral's kitchen be shut down.

Always the best?

At least now we know why he eats at McDonald's.

Day after day, alone on a hill...

We've been warned on Trump's favorite engine of decree (Twitter), that a right-wing talk radio show host, ex-Tea Partyer and rather undistinguished former one term GOP Representative named Joe Walsh, says he is “strongly, strongly considering” launching a presidential bid to challenge Trump, which he calls a “con man”, in 2020. He also declared that “I'd punch him every single day.”

We noticed a few things about this declaration which seem to suggest that he's Trump 2.0.

He displays the same lack of mastery of the English language (“strongly, strongly considering”) as Trump; has already chosen a Trumpian nickname for Trump (“con man”); and appeals to violence (“I'd punch him every single day”) the same way that Trump does.

And, of course, they're both in showbiz, and we learned about Walsh's very inconsequential existence on Twitter, of which he is an avid user. And, of course, Twitter is Trump's favorite engine of decree.

On top of everything else, Walsh has racist views and loves him some constipation theories, even though he says he regrets all that.

Trump wants you to believe that he's a builder, but he can't even build a wall. All we've ever seen him do is destroy.

People's lives, people's health, people's livelihood, people's environment, people's welfare.

Might as well throw into that mix destroying the lives of the children suffering from terminal conditions who now find themselves excluded from the humanitarian medical deferred action program and will be deported to die somewhere else, and also destroying Afghani or Iraqi interpreter's lives by refusing them entry into the US. Those are the very same people who helped, translated, and gave the US military all kinds of intel during the war. Now, because "This administration is hostile to refugees," they remain the targets of revenge killings in their country for helping the Americans.

It really looks like he's a born destroyer.

Let's just hope that we’ll never see if Walsh is as good at destroying as the security-risk-in-chief.

Still, this begs the question :

Would you hurt a madman?

Two journalistic views set the tone here, from the Atlantic and the Boston Globe.

First, from the Atlantic:

At the Group of Seven meeting in Biarritz, France, there are, in effect, two different summits under way—one that’s happening in President Donald Trump’s mind, and another that is actually happening on the ground ; there’s the summit Trump is trying to will into existence, and the summit unfolding in real time.
— Peter Nicholas, The Atlantic, August 25 2019

And the Boston Globe :

I can’t help but think that if the president were a building, for the sake of public safety he’d be torn down.
— Renée Graham, Boston Globe Opinion columnist

To hurt such a man might be considered uncharitable.

But Trump has not only endangered US security by kowtowing to the Russians, inviting enemy spies into the oval office, blocking (or slow walking) funds to help Ukraine, sending a secret spy satellite photo to Iranians just for his imbecilic goal of taunting them, elevating the US Government's already fraught political situations just short of all-out war with many countries, attacking or simply ignoring US allies, and driving the whole country's reputation and reliability quotient down to his level. He has also made himself the culprit of an avalanche of human rights abuses and violations. And who know what slipped right through his addled brain and out of his big mouth when he had all those private no-record meetings with enemy despots? The secret service already had to evacuate an extremely valuable Russian asset because of the security-risk-in-chief’s big mouth. Do you really think that Putin, the ex-KGB apparatchik, would pass up on this golden occasion to dry clean the mouthy US president's weak brain?

Of course, we're not talking about a cop who guns down a nutcase coming at him with a raised ax, ready to strike.

We're talking about an extremely stupid and narcissistic president who is destroying democracy, knows all the secrets, has nukes, and has a lifelong habit of hiding behind battalions of lawyers.

Do you think that it would be uncharitable to pursue him to the full extent of the law?

That would really hurt him...

Do you think that, when he or others have begun to plead mental incapacity for him, the law should gives him a pass on all, or most of, his deadly sins?

Hey! Who knows? In the meantime, maybe he'll find God. - Wait he is god!

Meanwhile, back at the Justice Department

An email sent from the Justice Department to all immigration court employees this week included a link to an article posted on a white nationalist website that ‘directly attacks sitting immigration judges with racial and ethnically tinged slurs...
— BuzzFeed News

This is way past dysfunctional. It's a major organ of the US government, invaded and usurped by Nazis.

Two sticky behinds

U.S. intelligence officials are getting prepared for Ransomware attacks from Russia during the 2020 election. Russia and other bad actors like China might not only try to influence the vote through dezinformatsiya, but hold vote final counts for ransom or simply encrypt the data so that officials can't count the vote. This would give Trump an excuse to stick his considerable behind to that big chair in the oval office forever, probably pretexting that "My Country Needs Me." If this dire prediction comes true, get ready to watch Barr's own considerable behind stick to the attorney general's chair and continue to destroy America's democracy for a long time to come.

Electronic voting machines are an idea whose time has come and gone. It was gone when the internet and remote hacking came into existence. But they're here to stay because the senate loves them. One could be forgiven for thinking that the senate loves those electronic voting machines because the Russians can't hack paper ballots.

You can't stop progress, but sometimes, if you're lucky, you might survive to it...

And about Trump's wall

That wall he can't build to fulfill his electoral promise? He took money from the military to build it, and went as far as to promise a pardon to anybody who would break the law to build it. That's an impeachable offense. This is nothing new or unexpected from cadet bone spurs, but we just thought you'd like to know.

One of Trump's flunkies said that he was only joking about the pardon.



While at the G7 summit, Trump was invited to attend a summit on climate change along with all the other world leaders. Trump said he couldn't go because he had a meeting with Angela Merkel, Germany's Chancellor, and Narenda Modi, India's Prime Minister, at the same time as the summit.


Except that both Merkel and Modi were photographed attending that very same summit on climate change.

Without El Trumpoïd.

So Trump just had to add this:

I’m an environmentalist. A lot of people don’t understand that […] and I think I know more about the environment than most people.

Oh, well...

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