The Gauntlet of Shame

The Gauntlet of Shame

The Dezinformatsiya Affair - Chapter 5

Remember Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17? The Russian missile strike on a commercial flight that killed 298 innocent people? Well, MH17 was back in last month's Kremlin-directed dezinformatsiya campaign.

Why? Well, because there are now good news concerning this case : we learned that Europol's JIT (Joint Investigation Team) will issue international arrest warrants for Russian military and intel officers Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinskiy, Oleg Pulatov, and Ukrainian national Leonid Kharchenko, commander of the Russia-affiliated military combat unit in Donetsk.

This freaked the Kremlin out. Ergo the lies.

This renewed offensive of lies was also directed at Malaysia, hoping to sway public opinion there, because that's where the commercial flight originated from, after all.

You have to know where to aim your lies…

So buckle up, here we go again :

  • MH 17: Buk could only have been fired from Ukrainian frontline

  • MH17: Political games instead of a real investigation

  • MH17: The missile type was only used in Ukraine

  • MH17: A perpetual smear job on Russia

  • Russia could not have shot down the flight MH17 because of the moral imperatives of its authorities [wow..!]

  • There is no evidence of Russian involvement in the MH17 crash

  • MH17 was shot down from territory under the control of the Ukrainian army

  • Accusations against Russia of its involvement in the crash of flight MH17 are absurd

  • MH17: BUK was transported to Ukraine in times of USSR

  • Accusations against Russia in the MH17 investigation are a part of the information war against the country

… and, of course :

  • Mueller report is just further proof of how Russia is always falsely accused

These excerpts were copied or adapted from The Disinformation Review.
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A  Konzentrationslager by any other name...

Dezinformatsiya can take many forms. A lot of it is outright lies, of course, as in the above selection of Russian-manufactured lies, but it also means that you may strive to hide some facts or kill some unfavorable stories before they reach the public. That’s dezinformatsiya too.

Some people object to calling Trump's camps “concentration camps”. But, as cartoonist Christopher Weyant wrote in a caption of a great cartoon for the Boston Globe :

“The question is not how are they different, but why are they similar at all?”

Donald Trump did not invent the Konzentrationslager, he just renamed them “detention centers”, separated kids from their parents and stuck the children in those detention centers, in horrid conditions. It was mainly reported as somewhat inconsequential and sloppy management from an inconsequential and sloppy administration, until the enormity, the purposefulness of this affair recently hit the news in full force. Those who were investigating this awful situation had to go around intense security and government secrecy to get to the truth. 

And they did.

Accompanied by other members of Congress, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to force her way into one of those facilities, even though the personnel was physically and sexually threatening toward her.

Just imagine...

Office of the Inspector General releases new pictures of overcrowding at Border Patrol Facilities in TX.

Office of the Inspector General releases new pictures of overcrowding at Border Patrol Facilities in TX.

Among other appalling things, she said she'd learned that Customs and Border Patrol officers told detained women to drink out of the toilets. One woman told her that officers would harass them, call them "whores" and wake them in the middle of the night for no reason.

We learn that migrants are being incarcerated in temporary facilities for weeks in standing room-only cells with no space to lie down, amid concerns about serious health risks. Some have resorted to standing on toilets, just to find some breathing space.

This is not new. A video surfaced recently, dating from March 2018, that shows agents beating up a man restrained in a wheelchair and then leaving him for a long time alone with no treatment for the concussion they gave him, a likewise restrained female being pepper sprayed and a man dying from an overdose while being ignored by staff. Amid such shocking abuse, nine inmates have died in Cuyahoga County Jail in the past year and a half. 

When some migrants rebelled at their mistreatment, Customs and Border Patrol called in its own goon squad to show they were prepared to use force to quash discontent.

And as if anyone needed further proof, a secret Facebook group also just came to light where Custom and Border Patrol agents laugh at the migrant death toll and call AOC and other democrat women “hoes”, “cunts” and “bitches”. Democrats have called for their firing.

Shades of Dachau...

There is ample space between well-functioning democracy and outright authoritarianism. It has a name. It’s hard to believe that we have to have this conversation in the United States, but we’d all better learn about it, and grapple with the grim reality it is trying to impose on us.
— Michael Tomasky, in The New York Times
Union soldier Andersonville survivor

Union soldier Andersonville survivor

Concentration camps are unfortunately not new to American history. As close to us as WWII, there was the internment of Japanese Americans, while the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, composed mostly of Japanese Americans, served with distinction in the Europe. Native Americans were also imprisoned, with many dying because of disease, close quarters and bad sanitation There also have been numerous examples from the Civil War during which starving prisoners, walking skeletons really, have been photographed.

This is because “Crises are a time-tested means of subverting democracy”, wrote Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblattin in the New York Times.

Trump created this crisis and then, of course, lied about it..

The Economist tells us that “President Barack Obama convinced a Republican-controlled Congress to double American aid to the Central American region to reduce the violence and poverty that helps cause mass migration.” Trump created “his” crisis at the US border by cutting off aid to Central America and now the only people left in those countries with any money to spare are the rich grifters and the drug cartels, while the poor have no choice but to go into exile. “His” crisis. Because he owns it.

Trump owns his lies and his dezinformatsiya.

Trump owns his Konzentrationslagers.

Trump owns the terrible mistreatment of migrants, young and old.

And the dead?


Funded by the Danish government, the Trolls in Your Feed project is an educational website about dezinformatsiya. Maybe a bit overreaching in its web design but translated into English, it aims to show high school students worldwide (as the main users of social media) how to protect themselves from the Kremlin's, or anyone else's, dezinformatsiya.

Please, please share the following address, culled from EuVsDisinfo, to everyone you know who might benefit from it, young and old...

Here, on top of very interesting tips and tricks on how to root out dezinformatsiya, you'll also see an interview with Russian journalist Lyudmila Savchuk, translated live from her native Russian, who spent two months working undercover at the secret “Internet Research Agency” in Saint Petersburg, a troll factory. She tells us the story of her life as a troll.

Our only hope is that this very brave Russian journalist will survive Putin's wrath.

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