Hitler's Revenge

Hitler's Revenge

The Dezinformatsiya Affair – Chapter 4

The right-wing populist political parties often employ neo-nazis as foot soldiers, either overtly or covertly, and there were elections held in the European Union very recently where those parties made regular, if not yet definitive, advances in the polls. This was accomplished in large part with dezinformatsiya and loads of cash from Putin's very active  dezinformatsiya apparatus, because he knows that dezinformatsiya kills democracy. His lies have been intentionally echoed and spread all over by the Far Right but, despite this, the EU elections have seen the highest turnout in twenty years and democracy won... until next time.

A family member who became very close signed up with the army to go to Europe and kill Nazis in WWII. Will our children have to face that very same enemy again?

Our usual roundup on steroids

There's a very weird game on YouTube that, if you manage to complete it, they say will give you a special skill : that of talking with ghosts and demons.

If you believe this premise, then you'll probably also believe these samples of Russian propaganda that The Disinformation Review found on multiple Russian state media outlets. 

Selection of special EU elections dezinformatsiya:

  • EU experts: No Russian meddling in the elections to the European Parliament 2019

  • EU institutions take away freedom from the European nations 

  • Evil elites [insert one : U.S., Europe, bankers, Big Corporations, Jews, oligarchs, Muslims, Brussels bureaucrats] are out of touch with the needs of the people

  • The effeminate West is rotting under the onslaught of decadence, feminism and political correctness, while Russia embodies traditional paternal values

  • Uncle Sam is forcing Europeans to jump up and down and cry for sanctions against Russia 

  • The EU is on the verge of civil war. [Describing Europe or EU member states as on the verge of civil war works just as well in 2019 as it did in 1919]

  • Kremlin aide Vladislav Surkov describes the concept of democracy as “a battle of bastards” and instead recommends the “enlightened rule” of Vladimir Putin as an alternative for Europe

  • The US wants to separate Europe from Russia and dominate in the region

And, of course, the usual Ukraine-and-everybody-else dezinformatsiya:

  • Unlike Russia, the West degrades traditional values and endangers societies 

  • US authorities putting rat poison in the tap water!

  • Belarusian and Ukrainian folk dress is a Nazi tool to destroy Russian statehood!

  • Blaming Russia is a Western tradition, older than the cathedrals, even when there is no proof

  • Ukraine has become a vassal of Germany 

  • United States control both Ukrainian presidential candidates, the country will remain anti-Russian on US orders

  • American "Deep State" strikes, NATO is a part of it 

  • American delegation in Crimea condemned the actions of NATO in the Black Sea, marched with a flag that said "No NATO"

  • Facebook is in the service of the US State Department

  • Strikes of the Russian and Syrian Air forces are inflicted solely on confirmed terrorist targets 

  • Donbas residents prevented from voting in the presidential elections

  • Only an alien [read : Russian] can stop the war against the population and bring peace to Donbas 

  • Kyiv [Kiev] will destroy the whole Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine

  • The Crimean issue has been removed from Ukraine's political agenda

  • Sweden cancelled Christmas TV concert not to irritate migrants 

  • Reasons for fire at Notre-Dame de Paris: Islamist terror attack, revenge of yellow vests, hiding the theft of funds 

These excerpts were copied or adapted from The Disinformation Review.
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The case for remaining in social media

Well, the Russian military's GRU will miss you if you quit.

Seriously, sometimes women will tell men to “get your mind out of the gutter” when those men start implying or outright saying they want to have sex with them.

This also happens to be the best case for leaving social media : to get your mind out of the gutter. And while you're at it, forget about irony.

Interestingly, any attempt at irony will lead to more attacks. It's easy to see why : the ones whose mind is bent to the conspiration theory mode are usually too limited or addled to think rationally. They desperately want, need to believe, but the only way their minds can make sense of things is by dreaming up micro-connections between unrelated events. Those evil entities who seek to control those weak minds know this very well, and will twist any attempt at irony into instant condemnation.

And now the lies are about to get bigger, better.

Watch out, World. DeepFaceLab is coming our way.

Right now, experts at manipulating videos can make Obama raise his arm in salute and scream “Heil Hitler!” in his own voice, and nobody could say it wasn't him, even if he never did that.

There's a YouTube channel of very beautiful renderings of the last frontier in computer graphics after the uncanny valley : nature. Just have a look at Ren's beautiful, photorealistic graphics to understand what's coming our way. If you're amazed by this as much as we are, please search for “unreal engine 4 photorealistic” on YouTube to get an eyeful of the future of video simulations and, unfortunately, mo' better lies...

Nations held hostage : a crisis of governance

There is a very interesting word that was borrowed from the ancient Greek : kháos, meaning “vast chasm, void”.

In the last episode of The Dezinformatsiya Affair, we reported that no president had lost his elections in wartime, and that, unfortunately, someone must have told this to Trump. Thus his sudden interest in Venezuela.

But Bolton wasn't able to oust Maduro, so now Trump's mad at him.

Because his plot of starting a war with Venezuela and thus assuring his reelection fell through, he's now taking aim at Iraq. Mysterious, unspecified acts of sabotage were reportedly performed on oil tankers, and suddenly 120,000 US troops are over in the Middle East and ready to go.

They're probably over there to seize all that Iraqi yellowcake, right?

Some reports say that the real warmonger is John Bolton, of the improbable mustache, and that Trump and Pompeo are just trying to contain him. This writer highly doubts this. Both Bolton and Pompeo, as well as Cadet Bone Spurs, all seem like warmongers to us.

About those US soldiers and middle eastern civilians who might possibly die in Trump's wars of political self-preservation, just wait for him to spout “Thoughts and prayers! Thoughts and prayers!”

It always works.

And if that old “thoughts and prayers” bromide makes you feel better about it all, there's a very weird game on YouTube we'd like you to try...

The Security-Risk-In-Chief

There is a very interesting list of Trump's failures in intelligence, or, if you’d rather, assaults on the intelligence and security of the West. It begins with his inauguration as president in January 2017 and ends in April 2019, so it is not all-inclusive. We stopped counting the entries approximately a tenth of the way down the list, at about twenty five.

The power to declassify documents rests with the president, and now he's promised to make public a broad swath of secret documents. He'll be soon giving AG Barr, his golden boy, the power to rummage around the CIA's files pertaining, but apparently not limited to, their investigation of his “collusion” with Russia. This means that Trump, amongst others, will have access to the name of a very valuable Kremlin source. And we all know how good Trump is at keeping secrets and the depth of his respect for the importance of security.

The name of the F.B.I.'s informant in the initial investigation of Trump’s campaign contacts with Russia was already made public “by error” by Trump's White House.

One question is always present to this writer's mind : what else can he destroy?

The ugly American's leadership style

We are very much aware of Godwin's law, but one thing keeps bothering us : Trump's leadership style really is... Hitler's.

The middle ground between the Big Lie of Soviet propaganda and the truth was itself a lie, and one should not be looking for a middle ground between disinformation and information.
— Vladimir Bukovsky

Putin, presiding over an oligarchy if not a kakistocracy, is somewhat like a carrion bird : he can smell a dying republic from afar. And the USA is now seen as a dying republic.

Echoes of Maria Butina

And get ready for dunderheaded propaganda against Austria in the future. Indeed, Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the far-right Freedom Party, Putin's main Austrian Right Wing mouthpiece, has been caught on hidden video published by Der Spiegel newsmagazine and the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, plotting with Russian agents about awarding Russia big government contracts.

This sounds real bad for Putin, but fear not: 

Like many Russians, particularly those critical of the Kremlin, he is dismayed that Mr. Putin is widely viewed in the United States as a masterful, all-conquering villain like something from a James Bond movie. The president and his supporters, Mr. Gorbunov said, ‘love this image of Dr. Evil, of a genius bad boy standing one against all. It makes the Kremlin very happy.’
— Andrew Higgins, in The NYT about Aleksandr Gorbunov, Kremlin critic

Meanwhile, back in the US...

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

Way back when Bush the Younger was president, John Ashcroft was Attorney General of the United States. At one point, he got very sick and was in the hospital when W decided that maybe, when the man was thus incapacitated and under the influence of drugs, just maybe Alberto Gonzales and Andy Card, both Bush flunkies, could get him to sign an authorization permitting an illegal extension of a surveillance program.

James Comey was acting attorney general at the time, when he got word of the plot. He took Robert Muller with him to the hospital and he, Muller and a phalanx of FBI agents stood guard over the ailing AG and prevented W's evil plot from coming to be.

Nevertheless, W decided to go ahead with the program without Ashcroft's assent. When Comey, Muller and other Department of Justice threatened to resign over this, he finally backed down. The person who first raised a red flag about this was James Baker, an Office of Intelligence Policy and Review official, who tracked down this abuse of the judicial process and was first to put his job on the line for blowing that particular whistle.

So! Fidelity, Integrity and Bravery, the motto of the FBI, sometimes becomes reality.

 “We are a nation of laws” doth they proclaim to whomever is listening.

Well, like democracy, sometimes the dream, the ideal, comes true. And yes, Virginia...

The case for leaving social media

Speaking of Comey, he happened to share a tweet recently listing five jobs he's had. To do this happens to be in fashion on social media, and even has its own trending hashtag.

... on April 27, Mr. Comey had shared a tweet listing a handful of jobs he had held in the past alongside the hashtag #FiveJobsIveHad. […] By removing letters, the hashtag could be shortened to ‘Five Jihad,’ they argued. And a search for the abbreviation formed by the first letters of the jobs he listed, G.V.C.S.F., led to the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation, whose fund-raiser was scheduled for this weekend. Mr. Comey, they concluded, was broadcasting an attack, perhaps as a distraction from other pending news.
— Niraj Chokshi, inThe New York Times

This “theory” gathered steam on, where else, Twitter and led to a rambling, menacing weekend phone call recorded on the school's answering machine. The school's principal caught it on Monday morning, freaked, called the police who did due diligence and found no credible threat at all. But, just in case, they had to cancel a fundraiser involving the children of that community. Imagine if some wide-eyed armed vigilante showed up to “protect” the children.

So the school lost between $15,000 and $20,000.

Those who cooked up this stupid theory, however, didn't lose a cent. They've already moved on.

But wait. There are more lies!

In the last installment of the dezinformatsiya series, we touched upon vaxxers and some people who single-handedly started paltry rumors that gullible people swallowed up and regurgitated whole. They are now encouraged in this persuasion campaign by the Kremlin's dezinformatsiya apparatus. The CDC just released a press item that says that cases of measles has now reached a sad milestone : the most cases in 25 years.

Not only is the Kremlin's dezinformatsiya apparatus meddling in everyone else's elections, they're also happy to kill unvaccinated children worldwide.

Way to go, liars!

And this time, we have another case in point : the incredibly persistent rumor that we never went to the moon! 

Our friend at Today I Found Out tells us that a poll conducted in 2005 showed that 25% of people aged between 18 and 25 do not believe that man ever walked on the moon. That lie was first published in a book in the year 1976. That was way before the Internet was more than a glitter in some DARPA scientist's eye!

Dezinformatsiya, homegrown, political or otherwise, seems to be very persistent and jump from generation to generation. This should scare everybody...

Wendy Sherman, the lady who was the former US undersecretary of State also warned about something we've already predicted : a dearth of informants willing to help our secret services resulting from, you guessed it, Trump's attitudes and behaviors.

Anybody who the CIA is now trying to recruit, […] they now know that the United States may not have their back, and so our ability to get informants, our ability to get agents has been completely undermined by the president of the United States and the commander-in-chief of our forces ...
— Wendy Sherman, former US undersecretary of State
Hitler’s leadership style was to give contradictory orders to subordinates and to place them into positions where their duties and responsibilities overlapped with those of others, to have ‘the stronger one do the job’. In this way, Hitler fostered distrust, competition, and infighting among his subordinates to consolidate and maximize his own power.
— Ileen Bear, in Adolf Hitler: A Biography

Nowadays however, Trump's leadership style seem to be focusing more on obstruction, seemingly to prolong his relative immunity from prosecution in a stalemate until he can again run for the presidency. As of a few days ago he was, partly or wholly, obstructing up to twenty investigations into his alleged wrongdoings. He also went on strike, which is kind of ironic in a president that seems to be unable to do anything well.

Let's all hope that he stays on strike...

Well, at least he's got friends, most notably Putin, Kim Jung-Un and Duterte. He seems to have liked the insults that Kim hurled at his apparent rival for the next presidential elections, Joe Biden. And, lest we forget, a small but unshakable minority of voters. A recent Quinnipiac university poll said that 30% of respondents said that Trump was honest.

Those people worry us. A lot.

But Humpty Dumpty is now mostly alone on top of the wall and if, or rather, when he falls, all the king's men won't be able to put him together again. However, there might be a case to be made for Trump's strategy for escaping litigation after his presidency : mental illness.

His close friends and henchmen might possibly make a bid to make him seem innocent of the many crimes he's accused or about to be accused of, by saying that he was mad and, therefore, innocent of aforethought and malice by reason of insanity. Actually, there's even a precedent for that.

It has often been reported that Trump seems to mirror a New York city mafia Don in his dealings with everyone.

Well, here we go again :

Vincent "Chin" Gigante, who had nicknames such as "The Oddfather" and "The Enigma in the Bathrobe", was a crime boss of the Genovese crime family who feigned mental illness for thirty years in an effort to throw the FBI and law enforcement in general off his trail and avoid prosecution. He sometimes wandered the streets in his bathrobe mumbling to himself, but the powers-that-be got him anyway, and he died in jail.

While we’re hoping to be proved wrong about this, we’re just waiting for this gambit to be tried, because it might just work...

Honorable mention to Avaaz

This from Wikipedia : Avaaz is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization launched in January 2007 that promotes global activism on issues such as climate changehuman rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. The UK based newspaper The Guardian considers it "the globe's largest and most powerful online activist network". 

Jaume Duch Guillot, a General Director of the European Parliament, has even said that : "Avaaz has played a fundamental role in helping the European Parliament to mobilize the electorate for the 2019 elections". 


Currently, in my conceptualization, the way censorship occurs is by information glut. It’s not that the relevant information isn’t out there. But it is buried in so much information of suspect credibility that it doesn’t mean anything.
— Maria Ressa, editor of Rapplerin C.J.R. Newsletter, May 10, 2019 

Did I tell you the people at the Columbia Journalism Review don't mess around?

The people at the Columbia Journalism Review don't mess around.

This just in : RIP Kim Jong Nam, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half-brother who was murdered in 2017, who served as a Central Intelligence Agency source.


Adolf Hitler: A Biography by Ileen Bear, Publisher: Alpha Edition (May 8 2016), ISBN-10: 9386019477 Find it on Amazon
































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