About Us

Sometimes, intelligence professionals actually sit around and talk about their world all day, analyzing applications of tradecraft, elaborating strategies, exchanging ideas and stories about cases past and present, deeds high or low, missions disastrous or victorious.

This is part of the knowledge base that they must always carry around in the forefront of their minds if they want to be successful at their jobs. As ex-spy John Schindler brought forth as rule number 8 in his 21 rules of good intel :

8- You can learn tradecraft. You can't learn common sense. Nor can you get “up to speed” on a problem in a couple weeks.

Indeed, intelligence work requires a culture of acquiring and constantly updating this knowledge base that the successful intel analyst must draw upon. In that spirit, our monthly blog is devoted to bringing you some of this knowledge through those few stories that are true and verifiable.
They are few because, well, we're talking about the secret service after all... and dead men tell no tales.

Our in-house author:

A Brief History

Vincent and J-F have been collaborating on a variety of projects for decades, publishing novels and short stories, writing web series and developing web content. A Secret Eye is the brainchild of Vincent Hardy, spawned from the SuperSpyMe.com project the pair have been working on since 2010.

At Super Spy Me, Vincent’s articles provide a realistic outlook of the world of spies, with the intended goal to offer the readers documented real-life perspective between what constitutes reality and fiction in the shadowy world of spies. 

Over time, the collection of articles grew a distinct readership enabling A Secret Eye to grow and evolve into the standalone reputable online reference it should be.

Every article provides well-researched and informative material leaning on Vincent’s rigorous archaeologist’s training, his passion for historical facts and it's little sister the news, and Bach.