The Cheka

The KGB was indeed the direct descendant of the Cheka. The latter, an infamous Russian secret police that meted terror, torture and death upon its own citizens, dates back to the Russian civil war.

In Russia's 1917, you could choose your terror : Red Terror, White Terror... terrors abounded. Here's how it happened.

Sleeper or Flatliner?

… as well trained as we can presume her to be, Moscow chose to send her in as a Russian national emigrating to the West. Hiding in plain sight, as one might say. She married a British man to acquire the surname Chapman. One can only attempt to guess how …

Schindler made a list!

John R. Schindler was a professor of strategy at the Naval War College and a former NSA intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer. A polyglot, he has written widely on issues of espionage, terrorism, and military history. He wrote three books and …

Smoke and Mirrors

If Reilly had been the only prototype for James Bond, there is no doubt Bond would have been a very bad guy indeed. Euphemisms like removal or targeted killing didn’t exist back in …

John Le Carré

Celebrated author John le Carré, (real name David John Moore Cornwell), who in the nineteen sixties and seventies came to proeminence with his bestsellers The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, had the dubious honor of having been blown by the infamous Cambridge Five who spied for the Soviets. 

Secrets NOT Hiding in Plain Sight

Bletchley Park remained the incognito headquarter of Britain's code-breaking effort throughout the Second World War, as seen in the excellent movie The Imitation Game. That was a true secret installation because its real purpose was only known to a few friendly cognoscenti.

The Man with the Perfect Gun

In his early novels, Ian Fleming gave James Bond a very small .25 caliber Beretta pistol, even though an experienced spook like Fleming should have known better. Then, a friend of his who happened to be an arms expert, pointed out to him that Bond's Beretta, as a self-defence and assassination weapon, was …

Why Spy?

First, let's get our facts straight. An intelligence officer is not a spy. A spy is a person who, for whatever reason, works covertly against his own country for the benefit of another country. For example, the CIA's own Robert Hanssen was an intelligence officer until he started to work for the Soviets, at which point he became a spy.

From Cuban Immigrant to Paisan

Not all spies are of the Bond kind. This spy became something of the “Don” kind. Garcia is a son of Cuban immigrants who fled to the US from Castro’s regime. He's a big guy averaging about 375 pounds, with an enormous personality and sterling self confidence, incredible

A Secret Recipe

This brings us to Julia Child, and another interesting and atypical carreer. Before she taught everyone how to whip up a nice béarnaise sauce, this tall, imposing woman with the deep …