The Dezinformatsiya Affair - Chapter 6

Dezinformatsiya's heating up in preparation for the coming 2020 elections and, boy, this one is already promising to be a doozer, beginning with this citation from Putin himself : “So, the liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.”

Can someone remind him that liberal ideas were what the West was fighting for against fascists during WWII, and then against his very own …

Colonel Otto Skorzeny

Here is a man who the allies sure would have liked to have on their side. He was a qualified engineer, and an inventive and skillful strategic planner and operator who was animated by incredible courage and audacity. He was a born black ops commando. And he was an Obersturmbannführer SS...

How to Build Your OWN Opinions

The Internet's not going to change. That's a given. You have to change.

Rest assured that all sorts of dog doody will find its way on the internet and on the social medias to keep on clogging your synapses as soon as you get online, overwhelming, transforming or hiding whatever is true.

Here's a little toolbox of means to fight back.

Unlikely hero of the French Résistance

This story started in the bad old days at the beginning of the twentieth century. Women had yet to become more than second class citizens. Blacks lived under the Jim Crow laws that enforced apartheid and would until 1965. Blacks were very often lynched for no good reason. Also, …

A Spy's Dilemma

Let's just assume for a moment that you are a real life secret agent. The kind that does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. The kind that, if caught, will meet a dismal end after suffering through days, weeks, sometimes years of torture at the hands of cruel, dedicated, determined and soulless men, unworthy of …

The Dezinformatsia Affair - Chapter 1

We shall begin this series of inquiries, a romp actually, into this peculiar Russian export with a brief look at Russian generated disinformation in Russia itself, and its immediate neighbors. Unfortunately yes, Russia is at war with the West. But as you probably know, this war is one that is carried out with …

From David to Goliath

In intelligence circles as well as in the popular imagination, Israel's external secret service's reputation for courage, derring-do, genius planning and resounding successes is also well deserved. The Mossad's many achievements are the stuff of legends, unfortunately stealing a bit of the thunder from the Shin Beth, Israel's internal secret service, and other special ops services.

Iron Felix

Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky was the ardently Catholic scion of an aristocratic Polish-Lithuanian family, who wanted to become a Jesuit priest. Instead, he became known as Iron Felix, the head of the infamous Cheka Soviet secret police and then the …

Fair game - Updated

Valerie Plame was a CIA agent, working covertly under non-official cover (NOC), a most dangerous occupation. Because her husband, a diplomat, revealed that the whole yellowcake story was …

The Cheka

The KGB was indeed the direct descendant of the Cheka. The latter, an infamous Russian secret police that meted terror, torture and death upon its own citizens, dates back to the Russian civil war.

In Russia's 1917, you could choose your terror : Red Terror, White Terror... terrors abounded. Here's how it happened.